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Understand Iceland

Understand Iceland is a family owned and fully licenced travel agency. We specialize in educational tours to Iceland for people of all ages. We lead you away from the tourist throngs to unique destinations and provide unforgettable experiences at every step. We will introduce you to the locals, to Icelandic nature and culture as you travel through beautiful landscapes away from the crowds.  With Understand Iceland you will get to know the real Iceland.


We provide tours based on your interest; private day tours, knitting tours, book-club tours, outdoor activity tours, cultural heritage tours and many more.


Golden circle with a local

Join us for a private day tour for people who want to experience the wonders of the Golden Circle in a different way. People who want to experience the main attractions like Þingvellir National Park, Gullfoss waterfall and Geysir hotspring as well as all the other little things around the Golden circle that are just as interesting and exciting.

Tour the Golden Circle with a local who knows all the secret places and the local people who build the community in the Golden Circle. Meet people who grow flowers and vegetables in greenhouses, the artists, the farmers, the people who run a permaculture farm and drive an eco village. Eat in the local restaurants and try the home made icecream! Hear the folklore and local stories, see other natural wonders not yet discovered by tourists, bake bread in the hotspring and eat it while overlooking mountains and glaciers.

Our guides know the inside and out of the area and will plan the trip according to the interests of the guest.

The trip is suitable for couples or families that are already in the Golden Circle area with a rental car. Our guide will join you and take you to places of your interests, depending on the time of the year, and on what is going on in the community.


Are you a foodie? Let's find all the special local food, beer and delicious desserts!

Are you a nature lover? Lets go on a short hike in various places far away from the crowds!

Are you interested in history, culture and folklore? I will take you to the elf rock, tell you stories of trolls and bring the stories of the area alive while visiting the most visited places on the Golden circle.

Are you interested in gardening? Let's find the eco villages, the greenhouses and the people that grow flowers and food in the area.

Are you interested in natural hot pools and spas? I will take you to soak in hot water.

Are you interested in all of it? Then lets go and see what happens!


Knitting under the northern lights:

Knitting under the northern ligths is a unique 5 day tour for women who are interested in knitting in Iceland. Learn about the unique Icelandic wool, knitting, spinning, hand dying techniques and local farming.


In the footsteps of the Icelandic Settlers and Sagas:

Travel through West Iceland and learn about culture, heritage and history of Iceland. The journey will take the group through many of the most important sites of the history of Icelandic settlement.


Become a dóttir in Iceland – Empowering woman tour to Iceland

An all womens trip around North Iceland where you will feel empowered by participating in fun activites and through stories of strong Icelandic women at every footstep.


Visit the Westfjords

Visiting the Westfjords of Iceland is like entering a magical world of the most spectacular landscapes and pristine beauty.

Now you can join us on a 10-day trip in around the Westfjords where a local guide will take you to all the hidden sites and breathtaking spots. Experience this remote part of Iceland through hiking, fishing, kayaking, biking and horseback riding – something for everyone!


Please contact us for a custom made tour at or check out the pre made tours provided at


Understand Iceland

Understand Iceland

Understand Iceland is a family owned and fully licenced travel agency. We specialize in educational tours to Iceland for people of all ages. We lead y


The development of the small village Reykholt started in the first half of the 20th century, when geothermal activity was discovered in the area. Ther


Food Experience In Friðheimar we create a pleasant Food Experience for our guests where lunch is enjoyed among the tomato plants, as the restaurant is
Blue Hotel Vacations

Blue Hotel Vacations

Blue Hotel Fagrilundur is a new 40-room hotel in Reykholt in Biskupstungur.  All rooms have a private bathroom with shower and a refrigerator with a f
Reykholt Sports Centre

Reykholt Sports Centre

The Reykholt Sports Centre consists of a swimming pool, a water slide, two hot tubs, one cold tub, a gym and a sports hall.  Opening hours:Summer Mond
Blue View Cabins

Blue View Cabins

Our cabins are located on the Golden Circle in the south of Iceland, near to Geysir, Gullfoss and Þingvellir national park. A great place to stay and

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