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For family travelers, mini-zoos or petting zoos are an enjoyable option. Another option is a visit to an open farm where visitors can watch the farm animals and pet them and assist in feeding them. These visits are very popular with the youngest generation.

Skálatjörn | Visit the Icelandic Goat
The Icelandic goat is an endangered species and Helena and Stefan is one of the farmers working towards protecting and maintaining the goat stock in Iceland. Visitors receive a warm welcome from the goats, which are very friendly. We have been welcoming visitors to our Goats for 3 years now and we have a lot of experience with a high rating on Airbnb which is 5 you can read stories there.  It is best to order via Airbnb under visit Icelandic goat. Goat inspection is every day in the summer at 17.30 and as needed in the winter. What is done in goat inspection, we go into their fields and into goat houses if the weather is bad, we learn about the history of Icelandic goats, how they were brought to Iceland and how they were used. It's also fun to pat them, give hay and help me with the work if people want. It's also fun to take a selfie with a goat or a kitten. Inspection can take from 45 minutes to 60 minutes. this experience is ideal for children as the goats are all good and can be trusted The Icelandic goat, also known as the ‘settlement goat’, is an ancient breed of domestic goat believed to be of Norwegian origin and dating back to the settlement of Iceland over 1100 years ago.It is believed that goats were first brought to Iceland by settlers and have been here without interference for about 1100 years. Not much is known about the status of the Icelandic goat population in the first centuries of the Icelandic settlement, as little is said about goats in written sources. However, goats are mentioned in ancient literature, for example in Snorri-Edda, Ljósvetningasaga, and Landnáma. In Snorri-Edda it is said that the thunder god Þór had two goats, Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstur, who towed his chariot. It also tells about the goat Heiðrún, but from her teats flowed a lot of mead that the fighters of Valhalla drank with good appetite. Place-names derived from goats are common throughout the country, such as Geitafell, Geitasandur, Hafursá, Kiðafell and Kiðjaberg. Archaeological analysis of animal bones shows that in the 9th and 10th centuries, goats were present on most farms, but their numbers declined thereafter. By the beginning of the 13th century, goats had become rare, but the number of sheep increased. Today, goats are found in all parts of the country except in the Westfjords and goat property is very scattered. The goat population is considered to be in danger of extinction, but at the end of 2016 the population counted 1188 winter-fed goats in 104 herds. The Icelandic goat is the only farm animal sponsored by the Icelandic government for the purpose of ensuring its survival.
Vorsabær 2
Holiday houseCosy holiday house in the country side where up to 7 people can sleep. Vorsabær 2 is situated only 80 kilometers from Reykjavík. In the house there are 2 bedrooms, one of which has a double bed and the other a bunk bed. Besides there is a 18 m2 sleeping loft with 3 beds. We also provide a crib on request, free for children up to 2 years old. There is floor heating in the house and the kitchen is equipped with all necessary tableware and is included in a spacious living room with a TV. Outside the living room is a patio with garden furniture and a gas barbecue. The view from the house is breathtaking, looking east you can see the volcano Hekla and in winter there is a good chance to witness amazing northern lights! Horse back riding with personal serviceIt is ideal for families and small groups of friends. Everyone can take part and the guides can lead the youngest childrens by the rein during the trip. We always start inside the riding arena where we will teach you all the basics and then we go outside and ride with you. There are good horses for both unexperienced riders and as well for experienced riders. You can choose between 1, 2 or 3 hours trips and even a day-trip for experienced riders which are 5 hours. We also provide children tours where we lead their horses by the rein inside the riding arena for about 10 minutes. We accommodate guests to visit our farm animals and see a real icelandic farm! We guide you on the farm for about 1 hour and you get the opportunity to spend some time with our animals to get to know them and pet them.
SEA LIFE Trust Beluga Whale Sanctuary
Visit the world’s first beluga whale sanctuary and learn more about its first residents; Little White and Little Grey. Explore the Visitor Centre, home to Iceland’s only puffin rescue centre and local species aquarium. In summer months, book a guided boat trip to the sea sanctuary in nearby Klettsvik Bay.
Food Experience In Friðheimar we create a pleasant Food Experience for our guests where lunch is enjoyed among the tomato plants, as the restaurant is located inside the greenhouse. Enjoy the special experience of entering a greenhouse with its fragrant tomato plants – and then sitting down to a feast of the famous and delicious Friðheimar‘s tomato-based cuisine – with tomato plants all around. Some would also like to raise a glass of tomato schnapps!  Visitors can also buy delicious food souvenirs such as tomato jam, cucumber salsa, and tomato drink. Everything homemade. We recommend booking a table in advance through   Greenhouse visit and a Horse show or Visit to the stableWe also offer a Greenhouse Visit where guests are informed how Icelanders are able to grow vegetables the whole year round with help from nature!  A Horse show or Visit to the stable is available where the history and gates of the Icelandic horse are introduced in light and professional way in a nice environment. After the show, our guests are welcome to the stable where they can meet the horses, take pictures and talk to the riders.  Friðheimar is a farm operated by an Icelandic family who is breeding Icelandic horses and growing vegetables all year round with help from nature. A visit to Friðheimar is in perfect harmony with the Golden Circle route and is great entertainment for all age groups and especially people that are curious about family farm life in Iceland.  Please notice that the Greenhouse visit and Horse show/Visit to the stable need to be booked in advance via email ( 

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