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Horse Activities

The Icelandic horse is a favorite of many and known around the world as an excellent steed. There are many horse rentals throughout the country offering short or longer rides.

Bicycle Tours - Biking

Cycling is an inexpensive, exhilarating and earth friendly way to tour and enjoy the country. Short and long-term bicycle rentals as well as guided bicycle tours are available.

Golf Courses

Golf enthusiasts have many options in choosing among excellent golf courses throughout the island.


ATV and Buggy Tours

ATV and buggy rides are an exciting option when visiting the South. Enjoy experiencing this magnificent nature differently.


Zip lines are a hugely popular pastime. You can find a few zip lines in Iceland where you get to experience Iceland from a different angle. 

Hiking Tours and Hiking

Hiking with or without a guide us always a popular mode of travel and many hiking trails exist.

Bird Watching

Iceland’s bird population is unique and diverse and offers bird watching enthusiasts the opportunity for that rare observation.

City Walk

Walk around the town with a guide who can tell you about its fascinating history.

Running Tours - Running

A healthy and economical way of working out, for many people running is an essential part of a good day. Running in  diverse and beautiful landscapes as in Iceland, makes it even better.

Team Building and Incentive Tours

Icelandis the perfect arena for all sorts of team building. The possibilities are almost endless.

Motorcycle Tours

Some people have always dreamed of trying out a motorcycle. For others biking is a lifestyle. For those who prefer biking to walking or riding in cars, motorcycle tours are a fine alternative.


Icelandhas many options for the hunter. Game most commonly hunted are deer, certain types of ducks and geese as well as seabirds. The hunting takes place in mountain pastures, private lands, the beaches and the sea.