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In the area, we have various options of activities for every age group. For example, the family could enjoy the magnificent nature while kayaking or go horseback riding. If the weather is not great, you could visit the many museums in the area.

The swimming pool in Selfoss is also very family-friendly, with three slides for the children and two hot tubes for the adults to relax while the children play. There is also a nice, charming swimming pool in Stokkseyri. Take your family hiking to the top of the Ingólfsfjall mountain or take a leisurely walk to Stóri-Hellir in Helliskógur. You could also walk along the riverbank and explore the rich birdlife in that area.

Selfoss Area Information Office
The Selfoss Information Office is located in Árborg's town hall, Austurvegi 2. The information center serves residents and tourists all year round. Free maps with service list and country maps from other parts of the country. Free internet access and always hot coffee.  Opening hoursWeekdays | 09:00 - 18:00Saturdays | 10:00 - 14:00Sundays | Closed
Stokkseyri Swimming pool
In the heart of Stokkseyri is its public swimming pool. It has an 18 meter outdoor pool with a slide, wading pool and two hot tubs. The building has two spacious changing rooms. Nearby are restaurants, museums, art galleries and kayaking as well as the beach as Stokkseyri is right on the south coast. The Stokkseyri public swimming pool is cherished by regulars and visitors alike, a destination in the Árborg region that no one would regret visiting.  Entrance fee from January 1st 2018 Adult (18-66 years old): Single ticket: 1.250 kr. 10 tickets: 4.900 kr. 30 tickets: 9.700 kr. Season ticket (one year): 35.000 kr. Children (10 - 17 years old) and senior citizens (67 years and older): Free of charge for children under 10 years Single ticket:  180 kr 10 tickets:  1.400 kr 30 tickets:  3.800 kr Senior citizens:Senior citizens (67 years and older) living in the municipality 0 kr.Senior citizens (67 years and older) not living in the municipality 220 krAdmission is free of charge for disabled people upon presenting a disability card.   Swimwear rental 950 kr. eachTowel rental 950 kr. eachSpecial offer (towel, swimwear and single ticket) 1.900 kr. Opening times- Summer:       1. June -   mid AugustMon – Fri       1:00pm - 9:00pmSat - Sun      10:00am - 5:00pm  - Winter: From mid August - 31. May  Mon- Fri        4:30pm - 8:30pmSat - Sun       10:00am - 3:00pm
Selfoss Swimming Pool
The Selfoss Public Swimming pool is in the center of town and within walking distance from all major shops and services as well as having ample parking. Inside the building there is a children’s pool and an 18 meter pool while outside is a 25 meter pool, children’s pool with 3 slides, wading pool, steam room, sauna and hot and cold tubs. There are four changing rooms, two indoors and two outdoors, as well as changing facilities reserved for people with disabilities in both indoor and outdoor rooms. The opening to a new annex building in the summer of 2015 greatly improved all facilities including a new indoor children’s pool, a new reception area and larger changing rooms. On the upper floor there is a World Class fitness center which shares the reception with the swimming pool. The Selfoss public swimming pool is one of the largest swimming areas in the south of Iceland and welcomes around 200 thousand visitors every year. Entrance fee from January 1st 2023Adult (18-66 years old):Single ticket: 1.250 kr.10 tickets: 4.900 kr.30 tickets: 9.700 kr.Season ticket (one year): 35.000 kr.  Children (10 - 17 years old) and senior citizens (67 years and older):Free of charge for children under 10 yearsSingle ticket:  180 kr10 tickets:  1.400 kr30 tickets:  3.800 kr Senior citizents:Senior citizens (67 years and older) living in the municipality 0 kr.Senior citizens (67 years and older) not living in the municipality 220 krAdmission is free of charge for disabled people upon presenting a disability card.  Swimwear rental 950 kr. each Towel rental 950 kr. each Special offer (towel, swimwear and single ticket) 1.900 kr. Opening times:-SummerMonday - Friday 06:30am - 9:30pmSat – Sun 09:00am - 7:00pm -WinterMonday-Friday 06:30-09:30Sat-Sun 09:00an - 06:00pm
Kayak Tours Stokkseyri
School groups. ½ hour (paddle) assistant on the lakeside, paddle free on a specific area in Löngudæl. Great for school groups some just want to feel free on the water and splash with each other. 2450 ISK Robinson Crusoe. Tour 1 - 3 hours without a guide. A particularly interesting possibility for families and individuals, is where participants can explore by them selfs the amazing labyrinth of the swamp. Map of the area for sale at the reception. Notice that the area is absolutely safe. Adult 4950 ISK Children 6 - 14  years 1350 ISK Challenge kayaking. 1 hour organized tour with a guide. Ideal for all kinds of groups of 5 to 50 persons. Paddled along Löngudæl lake and into the narrow canals of the swamp. The area offers a relaxed mood and can challenge the teamwork of the group. 5600 ISK Power Challenge kayaking. This is an organized 2-hour guided tour. The tour is ideal for groups from 5 to 50 individuals. We paddle along the lake Löngudæl into the swamp area where we paddle along the narrow canals and into the river Hraunsá and all the way to the sea. We paddle along the coastline with the ocean on one side and the skerries and the small lagoons on the other. Surrounded by the beauty of the diversity of nature the lagoons are the ideal home for seals and birds. The trip ends in the harbor of Stokkseyri village. All participants must paddle close to the shore and be near the guide. Age limit: 14 years.  9.600 ISK. Adventure kayaking. 2 hours sea tour. Now the environment is of a completely different nature. The skerries with beautiful lagoons are the home of seals and birds and the whole biota is incredibly diverse. It is very important that participants stay close to the shore with our guide. Adventure kayaking in Iceland. Amazing experience. Age limit: 14 years. 9.600 ISK A Northern Lights Adventure you will never forget This 1 to 2-hour guided kayaking adventure takes us through the calm water canals in the south Iceland village of Stokkseyri. With only our headlamps shining over the water, our guide will lead the way through the canals, to our destination. Then we will turn off our headlamps and look up into the sky where the aurora borealis dances overhead, mesmerizing us with their splendor. Afterward, we return to our base silently paddling through the stillness of the night, accompanied by the cry of seagulls and the sound of the pounding surf a short distance away. A romantic, uplifting and enchanting experience that you will not soon forget.Winter hours: October through March, (as long as the canals are not frozen)Departure: anytime between 8 pm and 1 am (20:00 and 01:00) by priorArrangements include: kayak, waterproof overalls, life vest, headlamps, guide, and entrance to the swimming pool.Price: 8.900kr per personMinimum number of participants: 5Maximum number of participants: 50Age: 14 years Access to the swimming pool and hot tubs is included in all tours at opening times of the swimming pool. For groups, the swimming pool is always open. Necessary equipment: Spare clothing and of course towel and swimsuit. Extra charge outside regular opening hours.  Price for 1-5 pers. 8.000 ISK. And 6-10 pers. 5.000ISK. 11+ free Tours begin at Stokkseyri swimming pool. Kindly do not consume alcoholic beverages before the tours. Any individual that clearly is under the influence of alcohol will be denied participation.
Hellisskógur forest
Hellisskógur is a small forest just outside of the town of Selfoss. In Hellisskógur are roads, walking paths around the area, and benches so visitors can relax and enjoy the site.    The cave in Hellisskógur forest was formed during a latter glacial period by sea erosion. Sea levels have been higher than now several times, and signs of sea erosion can be seen on more cliffs in the area, made of around 0, 7 – 3, 1 million-year-old basalt. The cave was previously used to store hay in the back and as a sheepcote in the front.  It was once believed that the cave was haunted by a ghost wearing a blue scarf. The story tells of a young man who was broken hearted and hung himself in the cave using a long blue scarf.  Here is a map of Hellisskógur 
The coastline between Stokkseyri and Eyrarbakki
The coastline between the rivers Þjórsá and Ölfusá (25 km/15 mi) forms the outskirt of the great Þjórsárhraun lava field. Eyrarbakki and Stokkseyri provide easy access to the coastline as well as a path between the two villages where you can see the Atlantic Ocean and marvel at the fact the South Pole is directly to the south. This spot has a great view of both the ocean and mountains. Information signs can be found in both villages as well as an observation platform in Stokkseyri.

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