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There is a wide variety of restaurants in the South of Iceland, both small and large. Many offer famous and highly appreciated catering, such as the Icelandic, traditional „Þorrablót“, a Venison buffet, and a Christmas buffet.

The guests are pampered by their hosts at these restaurants regarding both food and drinks. If you wish to relax, you can find a small and cozy restaurant and can be in personal contact with your hosts, even at a farm if you like.

Enjoying the countryside dining means being offered a traditional Icelandic „flatkökur“, twisted doughnuts, pancakes filled with jam and whipped cream, and hot chocolate to drink with all of this delicious pastry.

Apart from all that, the South of Iceland can proudly offer restaurants with a great emphasis on a professional and varied menu.

The hotels, as well as the restaurants, often offer a four-course menu at all seasons. They like to use as much as possible of the raw material, which is fresh and seasonal in the region each time. Great emphasis is laid on a fresh material of the best possible quality available at each time. Both restaurants and hotels are more than willing to handle catering at banquets, parties, meetings, conferences, and other gatherings. The customers have a lot to choose from in that aspect.


There are plenty of restaurants all over the country, ranging from low to high prices and differing in quality, so there should be something to suit everyone´s needs. Whether you are interested in healthy food or something less wholesome, domestic or foreign cooking, it should be easy to find something tasty.


They are everywhere. Quite a few are in the capital and larger towns, but some can be found in the most unlikely places, such as an old barracks in a field or a shed by the sea.


Some smaller restaurants or diners offer soup and bread or typical Icelandic home cooking—an excellent choice for those looking for something less formal and more personal.

Pubs and Clubs

Most populated areas have at least one pub, and the more populated areas have more pubs and some clubs, ranging in price and quality. Those who enjoy going to pubs and clubbing should be able to find something to their liking.

Take Away

Some restaurants offer home delivery or takeaway services.