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There are a variety of activities that take place all year in our area: concerts, mountain biking events, off-road events, the National Horse Show, an air show, 17 June, sheep round-ups, and more.

Further information on selected events may be found here:

Hellutorfæran (Hella off-road event)

Hellurtorfæran is held annually at the beginning of May. As a rule, around 20 specially designed off-road vehicles are brought in, and their drivers test their skills on a number of courses. These cars appear to be able to do anything – roar up steep sandy hills, scoot over water, or drive in marshes. Around 5,000 people attend each year.

Rangárþing Ultra – Mountain bike challenge

The course is a 55 km route from Hella to Hvolsvöllur or from Hvolsvöllur to Hella. No part of the route is on paved roads and runs over all kinds of natural surfaces. This is an incredibly beautiful route, which has been steadily becoming more and more popular.

Töðugjöld á Hellu (in Hella)

Töðugjöld, a festival held by farmers when the hay has been harvested, is held at Hella during the second weekend after the August bank holiday and is the town's annual festival. The main focus of the töðugjöld festival is to make sure that residents can celebrate with friends and family. Everyone else is, of course, welcome.

Horse competition at Hella and in Rangárþing ytra

Horse competitions are held regularly in the area, as conditions for such competitions are better than in most parts of the country.

Allt sem flýgur (Everything that flies) – Aviation festival at Hella

The aviation festival "Allt sem flýgur" is held at Hella airport. Everything that can fly does.

Summer in Oddi and other concerts

There are numerous musical events during the year, although the highlights are probably the spring concert of the choirs (Sumar í Odda) and the Christmas concert. Music plays an important part in the municipality.

17 June in Rangárþing ytra

The National Day, 17 June, is celebrated throughout the region.

The day of the sheep and sheep round-ups

Sheep round-ups are held at two locations in the autumn, in Reyðarvatnsrétt and Áfangagil. In addition to the sheep round-up celebrations, sheep farming is highly esteemed. Color shows are held, as is the day of the Sheep festival, where everyone is welcome.

Information on events is available on the events calendar of Visit South Iceland.