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Mini-Zoo & Open Farm

For family travelers, mini-zoos or petting zoos are an enjoyable option. Another option is a visit to an open farm where visitors can watch the farm animals and pet them and assist in feeding them. These visits are very popular with the youngest generation.

Family & Fun Parks

There are indoor and outdoor parks in many parts of the country for the entire family to enjoy.

Seminars / Work shop

For gourmets, lovers of fine food, and those that cannot boil water, the various Icelandic cooking classes are fun and practical and present the wide range of ingredients and techniques that make the local fare so delicious.

Paintball & Lasertag

Popular with bachelor parties and team-building organizers, paintball and laser tag is a form of pretending gunplay. Participants play as either teams or individuals. These games can be pretty exciting, and the least likely individuals can be entangled in the revelry.