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In the South Coast, where land meets the sea, you will find a wealth of diverse ingredients. Here, the climate is mild and humid, shaped by the sea. But it's not always the same - the changing seasons bring big shifts in daylight, affecting life and growth.

The quality of the soil isn't the same everywhere, either. Factors like weather patterns, the closeness of the sea, and the lay of the land all make a difference. This means each area has its own unique diet and way of producing food.

But it's not all about the here and now. History has had a hand in shaping the South Coast too. The past has left its mark, helping to make the South Coast what it is today. So, step right in - the South Coast is more than just a place. It's a story of land, sea, and the people who've lived off them, just waiting to be explored.

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Map of restaurants in the South:

This project supports not only tourism but also agriculture and the fishing industry. A holistic picture has been drawn of the diversity of food resources that the region has to offer by highlighting the South Coast's food traditions, as well as mapping the food production of the South. By mapping this, it is possible to work more purposefully and intensively in product development and innovation in food production and branding of the area.

*Matarauður Suðurlands is a food-related project that Visit South Iceland carried out in collaboration with Matarauður Íslands -