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Geothermal park

Without a doubt, Hveragerði's most precious gem is its geothermal park. There can not be many towns in the world with hot springs in people's back yard. The geothermal park is centrally located. A natural clay foot bath can be enjoyed in the park, and afterward, you can soak your feet in one of the hot springs. In a hole in the park, the locals bake the famous black bread using the geothermal ground as an oven. You can boil an egg using geothermal energy and later enjoy it with warm hot spring bread. Be sure not to miss the geyser that frequently erupts in the park, and don't forget to take a look inside the greenhouse!

The exhibition "Quake 2008."

A powerful earthquake (6,3 Richter scale) struck the South coast of Iceland at 15:45 on May 29, 2008. The epicenter of the quake was about two kilometers southeast of Hveragerði. The area closest to the quake's epicenter suffered severe damage to houses and contents as this was thrown around in the earthquake.

The exhibition presents the causes and derivatives of the earthquake of 2008 in Hveragerði. The exhibition shows the residents' experience and how it affected the buildings, local environments, and other damage. The television screen shows the recordings from the camera monitoring, photographs of local people, and information from the Earthquake Center, University of Iceland. Earthquake simulator where visitors can experience a powerful earthquake that is over 6 per Richter. A large, ancient fissure was revealed when digging the shopping center's foundation hole. One can see the fissure lit up through a transparent section of the floor in the library and at the tourist information center.

Access to the exhibition is free, but a fee is taken for the earthquake simulator.

"Quake 2008" Sunnumörk 2-4810 Hveragerði tel: +354 483 -4601

Thermal bath Laugaskarð

The Thermal bath Laugaskarð is renowned for its lovely setting and excellent facilities, including hot pots, whirlpools, a natural sauna, and a fitness center. The pool is heated with steam coming directly from the ground; because of this, many consider the water good for your health. The thermal bath is open all year round and was, with its 50 m length, the largest pool in Iceland for years.

Welcome to The Thermal bath Laugaskarð; its surroundings are remarkably beautiful, and a unique experience is guaranteed.

Opening hours:

Summer (May 15 - September 14)
Mondays - Fridays:          06:45-21:30
Saturdays and Sundays: 09:00-19:00

Winter (September 15 - May 14)
Mondays - Fridays:          06:45-20:30
Saturdays and Sundays: 10:00-17:30

Hveragerði Regional Information Center
 The Tourist Information Centre is located on Breidamork 21 Hveragerdi, 45 km east from Reykjavík At the tourist information Centre you can get all information needed for your travels in the south as well as other parts of Iceland. We have a large selection of brochures, maps, souvenirs and internet access.In the same building you can find the exhibition The Quake 2008. There you can experience a powerful earthquake (+6 Richter) in an earthquake simulator and also see an earthquake crack in the floor thought to be 4-5,000 years old.Our friendly staff welcomes you at the Tourist Information Centre. Opening hours from 1st of June - 31st of August Monday – Thursday 8:30-16:30 Friday 8:30-16:00 Saturday 9:00-13:00
Iceland Activities
“Written by Úlfar, son of the family” When it comes down to choose a travel operator/company or just how to spend your day in Iceland, then there are endless possibilities, allot of good companies and allot of not so good companies that are just in it for the money! So why chose Iceland Activities? Our company ”Iceland Activities” is my family (my parents, my sister, grandma, girlfriend, brother in law and our closest friends and family). We did not create this company to become rich! We truly love what we do, we created this company to be able to do what we love every day and even on our days off, we are doing the same tours on our own.  We base all of our tours on our family experience, traveling together as a family since 1983 has built up a crazy amount of experience and knowledge of secret locations all over the South part of Iceland, some locations that only my family knows about still today. Creating tours that are well suitable to all level of fitness from families with young children to super adventures families or individuals.  On our journey from 1983 we have earned a well-spoken reputation as an outdoor family and known for seeking out the sports that were not as common, my father was one of the first ones to modify his jeeps and we are proud to be one of the first mountain bikers of Iceland and the only local MTB guides on the Hengill volcanic area, guides who grew up mountain biking and exploring the area on tracks made by the Icelandic sheep. Today we offer a good selection of tours, ranging from two hours up to multi-day trips, and overnight camping tours focusing mostly on the off the beaten path experience. We can tailor made everything about the tour and set up the tour as you like, we could keep it more raw or have it quite luxurious and high class but still remote. We could keep the days more active or more easy going. It really depends on your choose, our aim is to enjoy the day with you.   Some of the things we offer: Super jeep tours ● Mountain bike tours ● Hike tours ● Lava caving ● Surfing ● Team building ● food tasting ● Snowshoeing ● Sightseeing ● food tasting and culture tours ● zip line ● Skiing ● rock climbing ● camping ● Ice hockey ● Curling Staff and guides: family members and close friends and we are all Icelandic :)  Locations: Iceland Activities family headquarters are located in Hveragerði, the Icelandic capital of hot springs. Hveragerði is 45 km east of the capital Reykjavík (30 minutes drive on highway 1).  Contact us and we will customize a tour for you, your friends or family. We specialize in having small groups and we never mix into big groups, so your experience will be better. When bigger groups book with us 6 persons or more then the tours are automatically private. 

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The Quake 2008 Sunnumörk 2 810 Hveragerði 483 4601
Hveragerði Swimming pool Laugaskarði 810 Hveragerði 483-4113