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Farmers markets can be found all over the country. In rural areas as well as larger towns and the city. Many are only open during the summer, others year round. Most of them provide fresh vegetables and berries, fresh meat, straight from the farm and much more.

Efsti-Dalur II
In Efstidalur you will get a unique and different experience. Right in the middle of the Golden Circle, you get a glance of the farm life in Iceland. This family farm has opened up for tourists and offers a variety of products straight from the farm, such as the famous ice cream, skyr and feta cheese. The restaurant also offers beef from the farm and other local food. We welcome you to come and meet our family at work! For opening hours, please visit our Facebook site. The horse rental is open in the summertime.
Græna kannan Organic Café
Græna kannan and Vala art exhibition Our store Vala offers all the Solheimar‘s products, handmade art, vegetables, candles, etc. In our coffee shop Græna kannan we roast the Sólheimar coffee, delicious organic coffee Græna kannan also offers The Sólheimar‘s vegetable soup, homemade cakes, organic waffles, organic wine, and many more. If you want to experience Sólheimar with your taste buds Græna kannan is your most suitable choice. Feeds you with food grown in Solheimar such as from the Greenhouse Sunna and Sólheimar's vegetable garden. Græna kannan is located in the heart of Sólheimar. Sólheimar is considered the oldest eco-village in the world. Sólheimar was established as a children's home 80 years ago, but today Sólheimar focuses on offering people with special needs varied and creative employment opportunities, jobs in organic horticulture and forestry in a close-knit community that focuses on environmental issues and vivid cultural life. Sólheimar workplaces include six creative art workshops, Ölur - organic forestry, Sunna - organic horticulture, Guesthouse Sesseljuhus, and Græna Kannan - an organic café. All products are sold in the Vala grocery store and art gallery.

Other (12)

Guesthouse Seljavellir Seljavellir 781 Höfn í Hornafirði 8598801
Midsker Miðsker 1, Nesjum í Hornafirði 781 Höfn í Hornafirði 478-1124
Private accommodation Fossnes Fossnes 801 Selfoss 486-6079
Skalmholt Skálmholt 801 Selfoss 482-2529
Heidmork Heiðmörk, Biskupsstungum 801 Selfoss 486-8875
Engi Engi, Laugarási 801 Selfoss 486-8913
Langholtskot Langholtskot, Hrunamannahreppi 845 Flúðir 894-4933
Kaldbakur Kaldbakur 851 Hella 8621957
The icelandic chicken Landnámshænsnasetrið, Þykkvabæ 851 Hella 581-3348
Lagafell Lágafell 861 Hvolsvöllur 8918091
Hotel Fljótshlíð Smáratún 861 Hvolsvöllur 487-1416
Fagridalur Fagridalur 871 Vík 487-1105