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Secret Local Adventures

- River Rafting

Secret local adventures is a family-owned business and was founded in 2016 and we are located 5 km. (about 3 miles) from the small town Flúðir. The company is owned by the friends Guðmann (Manni) and Hjálmur (Hjalli) but they also guide our river rafting tours! 

Secret local adventures offer guided river rafting tours with local guides, down Hvítá river. Our customers will be able to experience breathtaking nature in Hvítá canyon that is only accessible by boat and of course we promise a day full of fun! We always travel in small and personal groups and customize the trip to your needs! Whether you are traveling with friends or family, we always have fun! We have two types of trips, the first is during the day but the second is a „summer special“. During the summer we offer midnight trips where you can enjoy the Icelandic summer nights in a unique way! 

Secret local adventures is one of very few companies that operate in dry suits. Our gear prevents water from getting inside the suit leaving our customers 90% dry when we finish the trip. The dry suits also keep you warm so you don‘t need to worry about the cold water ruining the trip! 

We are located at the end of the Golden circle and are close to many nice restaurants, natural hot spring and other fun activities. 

You can find all the information about our trips, gear and prices on our website, Please feel free to contact us with any questions by calling to one of these numbers +354 899-0772 (Manni) or +354 865-3511 (Hjalli) or send us an email: 

Can‘t wait to have an amazing rafting trip with you this summer! 

Secret Local Adventures

Secret Local Adventures

Secret local adventures is a family-owned business and was founded in 2016 and we are located 5 km. (about 3 miles) from the small town Flúðir. The co
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Flúðir is a rapidly growing community in the center of the Hrunamannahreppur district, about 25 minutes off the main Ring Road. The area is considered

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