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Lorraine in South Iceland

Lorraine was living to the max with her team in South Iceland. They visited Hveragerdi and Þorlakshofn earlier in january.

ITV morning show

ITV morning show is visiting South Iceland

Weather forecast

Wind storm is expected at the south coast today and tommorrow.

Christmas greetings

Are you familier with our Yule lads?

Snowstorm tommorrow


Icelandic design awards 2015

Eldheimar in the Westman Islands recieved the icelandic design awards 2015

UNESCO gives Global Geoparks a new label

The decision was taken by Member States at UNESCO’s General Conference, the governing body of the Organization, which met in Paris from 3 to 18 November.

Visit South Iceland on World Travel Markt in London

Visit South Iceland among Promote Iceland is visiting World Travel Markt in London.

The official tourist guide 2015-2016

Visit South Iceland has now published their brochure "the official tourist guide 2015-2016".
Gudmunda of the South #AskGudmundur


More than 98% of the world's Guðmundur population lives in Iceland. In May, Inspired By Iceland asked some of our finest Guðmundurs to help answering questions about Iceland. The answers may not always have been one could expect.

Mid-Atlantic 2015