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Summer Activities on the South Coast

Iceland has many activities to offer, both in summer and winter, but now we will go over the summer activities you can do in the South Coast.

The South has a lot to offer as it covers a vast area of Iceland. The great variety and the quality of services enable you to enjoy the best of what Iceland has to offer. This great diversity, both in natural attractions and activities, inspires you to explore the area in three parts where every one of them is well worth the visit: The Golden Circle area, Katla Geopark, and Vestmannaeyjar as well as the Vatnajökull Region.

Outdoor enthusiasts feel at home in South Iceland. Not only does the region have flourishing lowland agricultural communities, but majestic peaks for those desiring a challenge.

So, what to do in South Iceland?

South Iceland is for all those who want to enjoy nature, culture, peace, or demanding situations to fulfill their needs, dreams, and desires. Whatever the reason for the visit is, South Iceland should be an essential destination for a tourist visiting Iceland.

In summer there are glacier tours, it is an unforgettable adventure whether it is a glacier walk, ice climbing, or super jeep tours. Many operators offer snowmobile or ATV tours. They are suitable for anyone looking for a little excitement and adventure while on vacation.

Then you can also do kayaking on glacier lagoons. Kayaking is an exhilarating experience and many agencies throughout the area offer kayak tours on lakes, ponds, and the ocean. As well as boat tours, on rivers, lagoons and at sea provide an enjoyable and memorable experience whether you prefer sightseeing, birdwatching or action! Iceland’s bird population is unique and diverse and offers bird-watching enthusiasts the opportunity for that rare observation.

Then we have the highlands where you can go on jeep tours. Many tour operators specialize in different kinds of jeep and super jeep excursions. A jeep tour on a glacier with breathtaking views is truly a memorable experience. Also hiking, with or without a guide is always a popular mode of travel and many hiking trails exist. Cycling is an inexpensive, exhilarating, and earth-friendly way to tour and enjoy the country. Short and long-term bicycle rentals, as well as guided bicycle tours, are available.

The Icelandic horse is a favorite of many and is known around the world as an excellent steed. There are many horse rentals throughout the area offering short or long rides.

For spelunkers and potholers, Iceland has scores of caves, large and small, deep, and shallow, to be explored. Some caves may be explored without a guide and many agencies offer cave exploration tours for others.

It’s easy to get here, it’s hard to leave.