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The South Coast Lighthouse Trail

Off the beaten track, with easy reach from Keflavik airport, lies the South Coast Lighthouse Trail. It is a travel route that draws visitor’s attention to the villages and the area by the coast not far from the Golden Circle. On the Lighthouse Trail, you visit three villages: Þorlákshöfn, Eyrarbakki, and Stokkseyri, each with its own uniqueness. The Lighthouse Trail highlights the history and culture of the area as well as activities and nature. The route is about 45 – 49 km, depending on the preferences of transport, reaching from the cove Selvogur to the lighthouse Knarrarósviti. You can download a map of The South Coast Lighthouse Trail here.

The Lighthouse Trail allows you to unwind with the help of nature‘s stillness and at the same time the Atlantic Ocean‘s energy. During the summer you can experience the midnight sun while you listen to the sea and birds. During winter you can see the starry sky shine, the moon reflecting in the ocean, and the northern lights dancing above you.

The name stems from the three lighthouses that form the route; Selvogsviti and Knarrarósviti, which mark the beginning and end of the route, in addition to the third lighthouse, Hafnarnesviti in Þorlákshöfn. The South Coast Lighthouse Trail offers a wonderful variety for travelers. To get the strongest impressions you should probably stop the car and experience the coastline in different ways and take time to go on the walking paths, run, bike, or even go horseback riding.

The coastline will expose you to the unpredictability of the weather in Iceland, the wind, the ocean, and stunning natural experiences, so be prepared. There are several simple, easily accessible places along the coastline where you can stop, stretch your legs, or just admire the natural features or the view.

During the travel on the Lighthouse Trail, you can soak up the significant history of fishing, trade, and life in the area that has shaped the villages along the coast over the centuries. There are plenty of different activities that you can experience. In the villages, you can get in close contact with the ocean and nature by going kayaking or rib-boat tours and relax in the swimming pools afterward. Other experiences include horse rentals and visit the stables, visit museums and galleries, or ATV tours.

A feast of flavors awaits while traveling the coastline as all villages have restaurants with the possibility of a delicious dining experience from local ingredients. Iceland has been known for its top-quality seafood so experience the finest and freshest that we offer in one of the coastal village’s restaurants. What is a more ideal short break than getting some delicious food!

Many walking paths lie next to the coastline and there are outdoor recreation areas on The South Coast Lighthouse Trail, that allow you to soak up nature while resting.

The South Coast Lighthouse Trail is ideal to take straight after you land in Iceland as you can drive the route directly from the airport to the South Coast. Thereby you can enjoy what the route has to offer immediately and straightaway get your insight into the lovely south coast, its activities, cuisine, and accommodation. The road leads off highway 1 and therefore easy to get on to the trail all year round. It is always a clever idea to familiarize yourself with the conditions and the roads before setting off, as well as to check if it is high or low tide to ensure the utmost safety.

Allow plenty of time for the trip − stops are welcome whether you want to walk or just to enjoy the view. For those who take the time, there is a lot to be discovered.