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Salomon Hengill Ultra Trail 2022

June 3 at 08:00-20:00

Salomon Trail Hengill Ultra will take place for the eleventh time on June 3-4, 2022. Over 1300 people competed last year, running through the unique trail around Hengill volcano with breathtaking views, making Salomon Trail Hengill Ultra the largest trail run in Iceland.

Like last year, there will be various distances to choose from, 5km, 10km, 26km, 53km, 106k and then the mighty 100 mile trail. So you can see we have something for everyone, from a casual 5k run all the way up to 100 miles for the toughest of them all!

For our Salomon Trail Hengill Ultra 2022 event next summer, we’ll have even more options to choose from! Introducing the -Midnight Trail Run- where participants can choose from 10km, 26km or 53km trails and run under the midnight sky in Iceland! The start time for these trails will be 10pm, Friday June 3rd and there are limited slots available, 100 participants for the 26km and 53km – and 200 participants in the 10km trail.

These runs offer variety to our regular and seasoned participants as well as serving as companion runs alongside the 106km trail.

The starting point for all trails and the event management HQ location will be at the Skyrgerðin restaurant in the heart of the town of Hveragerði. The shorter distances will be around the town and up towards the hills of the surrounding mountains which are amazingly beautiful. The 25km trail goes up the Reykjadalur valley towards Ölkelduhjúkur peak and around that point. The 50km trail continues from there into the Hengill area, over the mountain valley, down via Sleggjubeinsskarð and then heading back. The 106km trail repeats that loop twice and three times for the 100 mile trail. The view from Hengill is truly amazing and breathtaking, making it one of the most beautiful routes in Iceland.

During the Salomon Hengill Ultra event, the town of Hveragerði morphs into a carnival atmosphere of sorts where you’ll find markets at the sports centre with Icelandic artwork and products, local Icelandic produce and curiosities in the town shops. All pre-trail meetings and briefings for all distances along with the awards ceremony, will be held at the sports centre.

Participation in Hengill Ultra Trail gives you UTMB points

GPS points

N64° 0' 4.515" W21° 11' 3.104"