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23. May

Saga Fest 23-24th May - Music and arts festival

Based on the Sagas of Icelanders, Saga Fest is a music and arts festival committed to connecting people to each other and the planet. Together, we will build a community that promotes openness, creativity and change.

We want you to come as you are, and we want you to leave as a changed person. This is a festival all about transformation.



This isn’t your traditional festival: Saga Fest is community-driven and empowers every participant to be a part of creating the festival experience.

There are no hierarchies at Saga Fest: the artists, musicians, organizers and volunteers are on the same level as participants, often working collaboratively with each other. Some experiences are designed after months of preparation, others are spontaneous and produced on the day of the festival by community members.



  • Music performances by Icelandic and international artists on a custom-built stage made out of found materials
  • DJ’s that will make you dance all night in our geodesic domes
  • Participate in immersive art experiences
  • At midnight, storytellers will guide us through an epic saga around a bonfire
  • Plant your festival ticket, which is printed on plantable seed paper, as you enter the festival grounds
  • “BYOI” (Bring Your Own Instrument): participants are encouraged to jam anywhere
  • While our main stage will host our line-up of artists, we encourage participation in open mic, storytelling and theater at our community stage
  • At our jam sessions, we encourage you to play, experiment and create with other participants
  • Campfires for authentic connection and gathering
  • Exciting line-up of workshops on topics like: building eco-skateboards, free-form dance classes, Modern-Day Meditation, constructing an organ with found materials, Icelandic shamanism, foraging, pesto and jam making, improv comedy and an Icelandic wool crafting masterclass
  • A selection of local, sustainable and healthy food through curated vendors and a farmer’s market

About an hour from capital city Reykjavík, and just 3km north of the village Eyrarbakki, is a sustainable farm which will host the inaugural Saga Fest. On a clear day from the farm, you can see a stretch of mountains to the north and the Atlantic Ocean to the south. The festival’s land is in a region often featured in the Sagas of Icelanders, ghost stories and other country folklore.

  • Vulnerability – Create a space where people are open to share, play and love
  • Community – Build positive and meaningful human relationships
  • Sustainability – Design the festival to be sustainable and inspire sustainable lifestyles
  • Transformation – Facilitate experiences that deeply transform people

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