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Traustholtshólmi is a place of stunning beauty, untouched by modern development.
Experience the sustainable and restricted island in the wide and historic Þjórsá river.
Get close to the island's unspoiled nature and participate in island life.

The owner and inhabitant of Traustholtshólmi, Hákon, and his sheepdog Skuggi will welcome you to the island. Hákon spent his summers on the island while growing up and is now following his dream to build a sustainable and ecofriendly space using off the grid solutions.

Hákon will ferry guests over the river to the island.
There the group will go check the nets and take in the catch of the day.
After the excitement of catching the salmon we go on a tour where Hákon will tell you about the life and history of the island and its surroundings, spanning all the way from the first settlers of Iceland.

A bonfire will be lit and wooden coals prepared for the grill. Together we'll enjoy a three course meal which includes the wild salmon and homegrown herbs and vegetables; sharing stories and tales is a great way to end the day. It is not uncommon that a visiting musician performs a few songs for the guests.

Tailored to both personal preferences and every group's individual dynamic, each visit is sure to be special and every visitor is free to go and explore the island on their own.

Come lie in the tall grasses and experience the true sense of seclusion and peacefulness that Traustholtshólmi has to offer.

Day tours start on the 14th of June and will run until the 18th of August.
Please note: These tours are only available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays.
Maximum tour size is 10 people.

Day tours for private groups, or a full day rental of the whole island can also be arranged outside of scheduled tours.



GPS Points N63° 48' 5.706" W20° 43' 56.462"


Opening period 14/06 - 18/08

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