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Local Travel, south Iceland

Local Travel is a day tour and event service company founded by the couple Addi and Magga who decided to share their passion for their local heritage and surrounding wilderness - south Iceland highland, volcano Hekla, Landmannalaugar hot spring, fishing, waterfalls, caving and glaciers. "They live there they know" and love sharing their passion for Iceland´s nature and history!

Local travel specialize in private guided day tours. Our local guides are knowledgeable about Iceland's culture, sagas and geology. On request we customize tours according to your wishes and recommend accommodation that fits your needs. The company's keystone is to provide unique experience and exceptional personal service for our guests.

Local Travel works in cooperation and with respect for mother nature and have their own eco label called "Green hour" where all our guests are invited to reduce their footprints by planting a seedling while touring.

Do not hesitate to drop us a line for bigger groups and special event's - workshop, conference, team building & wedding plans!

Local Travel, south Iceland

Stóri Klofi

GPS Points N64° 0' 9.079" W20° 6' 11.344"
Opening period All year

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Loa's Nest
  • Árbæjarvegur 271
  • 851 Hella
  • 8949151
Hekla Center
  • Leirubakki
  • 851 Hella
  • 487-8700, 893-5046
Laugaland Camping Side
  • Laugaland í Holtum
  • 851 Hella
  • 895-6543, 895-6543
Panorama Glass Lodge
  • Austurkrókur L6B
  • 851 Hella
  • 7688821
Hotel Leirubakki
  • Landsveit
  • 851 Hella
  • 487-8700, 893-5046
  • Mið-Sel
  • 851 Hella
3.47 km
Hellarnir að Hellum

At Hellar there are three caves from which the town gets its name. These caves are man-made, carved in sandstone, and one of them is the longest man-made cave in Iceland. It is not known exactly how old these caves are, but it is believed that they are possibly from before the actual settlement of Iceland and were made by the Popes, i.e. Irish monks who settled in this country before the time of the Vikings (about 900).

On the other hand, it can be said with full certainty that the caves are at least as old as the town name Hellar, as it is very unlikely to name this town if there were no caves in the area. The first written sources about the farm Hella in Landsveit are from the year 1332 and therefore the caves are at least 600 years old, although it is possible that they are even older.

Caves in caves are protected natural site.

20.34 km

The uppermost falls in Ytri-Rangá river are called Fossabrekkur. The falls are just below the western source of the river just after entering the common land of the Landmannaafréttur. Fossabrekkur are a fertile oasis in the barren pumice landscape. It is necessary to drive to the location to see this gem, as it is well hidden. Fossabrekkur is a unique and beautiful location where the western arm of Ytri-Rangá fall off the rocks into the eastern arm and runs thereafter in a single channel almost all the way to the sea.

14.73 km
Þjófafoss waterfall

Þjófafoss is in the river Þjórsá, to the east of Merkurhraun lava field. The name of the waterfall translates as "thieves' waterfall", as thieves used to be executed by drowning in its pool. The waterfall is one of the three main waterfalls in Þjórsá. The Þjórsá river forms the boundary between Rangárvallasýsla and Árnessýsla and is the longest river in Iceland.

Þjófafoss is to the south of Búrfell mountain, not far from the Búrfell Power Plant and somewhat lower down from Tröllkonuhlaup in Þjórsá. The flowrate in Þjófafoss is rather low during winter but greater during the summer. This is due to the power plants on the river, as a large proportion of the water is diverted past the falls. The river is dammed at Sultartangi, forming the Sultartangalón reservoir. The water is first channelled through Sultartangi Power Plant and then into the Bjarnarlón reservoir and through the Búrfell Power Plant. As a result, it is first and foremost when the Sultartangalón reservoir is full in late summer that the excess water can flow over Þjófafoss.

With the construction of the Búrfell Power Plant 2, water flow over Þjófafoss have decrease even more, both during summer and winter.

South Iceland

Towns & Villages

The south of Iceland has several towns and villages, each with its own style, charm and points of interest. Selfoss is the largest town and has a variety of shops, services, many restaurants and fast food places. Most towns are close to the main route, making them accessible and enjoyable.

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