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Katla Center

Katla Center is the center of culture, knowledge and tourism in Vík. We are located in the historic Brydebúð building, built in 1895. Katla Center houses the local information center, souvenir shop with local handcraft and the Katla exhibition. Furhtermore, we run the Skaftfellingur maritime museum across the street.

Our main goal is to uplift cultural activity in the Vík region, promote local tourism and to preserve the district's heritage.

Come check out local handcraft, visit our exhibitions or have a chat with our nice and knowledged staff.

Sími: 852-1395
Opening period: all year

Souvenirs shop

At Katla Center, you will find carefully selected souvenirs, local handcraft, jewelry and books in several languages.

We set focus on locally sourced products, hand-knit clothes and gift-items from local entrepreneurs.

The store is located in the charming Brydebúð building in the historic part of Vík village. There you will also find the local information center, two exhibitions and the Hallorskaffi restaurant.

Katla exhibition

The Katla exhibition depicts the volcanic activity within Katla Unesco Global Geopark. Its main focus is on the infamous Katla volcano which nests under Mýrdalsjökul glacier. It last erupted in 1918 and an eruption is considered to be long overdue.

Explore the 3D map of Mýrdalsjökull & Eyjafjallajökull glacier, examine the different types of ash and volcanic rocks from the region and learn about the immense affect volcanic activity has had on the area for thousands of years.

The exhibition is located in the historic Brydebúð building, where you will also find the local information center and Halldórskaffi restaurant.

Free entrance.

Open all year, every day.
Note: May be closed or have shorter opening hours on high holidays.

Katla Center

Víkurbraut 28

GPS Points N63° 25' 3.227" W19° 0' 50.800"
Opening period All year

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18.27 km

Dyrhólaey is a 120-metre high promontory, not far from Vík. The place got its name from the massive arch that the sea has eroded from the headland. (The name literally means "door-hole"). When the sea is calm, big boats can sail through it. There has even been a maniacal daredevil pilot that flew through the arch with a small-craft airplane! From the top of Dyrhólaey there is a great view. The headland is thought to have been made in an underwater volcanic eruption late in the glacial period, not unlike the eruption of Surtsey. Several outcrops are in the sea, the highest one called Háidrangur ("High column") is 56 m. high. Dyrhólaey has been a natural reserve since 1978. The promontory is widely known among sailors as "Portland", and English trawler fishermen ubeach where one can climb (at your own risk). According to legend the Reynisdrangar needles were formed when two trolls were trying to drag a three-masted ship to land. When daylight broke they turned to stone. The Needles can be seen clearly from the village of Vík and are 66 meters above sea level at their highest. In one of the many caves here - there is a local legend about a monster having lived here for many centuries. The monster seems to have disappeared after a landslide over 100 years ago…sed to call it "Blow hole". There are also amazing rock formations all along the Birdlife here is abundant, with puffins and eider ducks being the most common species in the area. The lighthouse on the top of the cliff stands impressive and stoic in this often very windy area. Be careful not to go too close to the ledge of this dramatic cliff.

15.45 km

A 220 m tall former Surtseyan island surrounded by black sand. The island formed offshore and has since been partially buried by the advancing Mýrdalssandur sand plain. A massive jökulhlaup from Katla, buried the fjord of Kerlingarfjörður, probably in 1179 and subsequent jökulhlaups have driven the shoreline several kilometers into the sea, the last one occurring in 1918. Easy to reach during summer, you can hike to the top from west side where one of the first settlers is believed to be buried as well as the last farmers from the headland. Also look at the large sea eroded cave on the south side and enjoy the nesting fulmar in the cliffs.

History and Culture
0.83 km

Brydebúð is situated in the older section of Vík, on the west side of the village, below the so-called "banks". This small museum is at the roots of the mountain Reynisfjall, not far from the ocean.

The storefront was originally built in the Westman Islands in 1831 and was named Godthaabs-outlet. In the year 1895, the merchant J.P.T. Bryde bought this old storefront, had it taken apart and moved to Vik by ship.

Store business was ongoing in Brydebúð until 1980: Bryde-store from 1895 to 1914, Þorsteinn Þorsteinsson & Co. from 1914 to 1926 and Kaupfélag Skaftfellinga from 1926 to 1980.

11.12 km
Reynisfjara, Reynisfjall og Reynisdrangar

Reynisfjall is a 340 m high tuff mountain arising out of a volcanic eruption from under a glacier in the penultimate Ice Age, near the village of Vik. Alternating in an irregular manner are layers of tuff, pillow lava and columnar basalt veins and loops.

Reynisdrangar stacks are a collection of 66 m high rock pillars that rise out of the sea and are of the same geological formation as Reynisfjall. On Reynisfjöru beach, very beautiful basalt formations in the south part of the mountain can be seen, and there you will find an exceedingly beautiful cave called Hálsanefshellir.

The waves here are deceiving and have caused the death of a number of visitors in recent years, even in the best of weather. Please take great care and keep a good distance from the sea.


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