HVERAGERDI Village in bloom

We would like to welcome you to the unique town of Hveragerði. What makes it unique? Well the town is positioned on a active volcanic zone that traverses Iceland from south-west to north-east. Earthquakes are frequent thanks to the tectonic movements that rumble below, the most recent on May 29th 2008, that was 6.3 on the Richter scale. There are tales of a hot spring gushing up through a wash room floor following a volcanic eruption of Mt. Hekla in 1947. Another tale tells of unwanted household objects being hurled through the air from one of the hot springs in the Geothermal Park! Hveragerði is famous for its many greenhouses that use the geothermal heat from the ground to grow vegetables and flowers all year long.

There are great nature walks in and around Hveragerði and the hike to the Hot River in Reykjadalur is the most popular one. Please be careful and please take all the trash back with you.

There are few active hot springs in and around Hveragerði and we therefore ask you please excercise caution when exploring them, because of their unpredictable surroundings.

Hveragerði is indeed a very special and unique place.

GPS Points N63° 59' 49.141" W21° 11' 48.169"
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Hveragerði Golf Club
Golf Courses
  • Gufudalur
  • 810 Hveragerði
  • 483-5090, 483-5091
Day Tours
  • Lyngheiði 10
  • 810 Hveragerði
  • 647-4755
The Botanical Garden – Hveragerði
Family & Fun Parks
  • Breiðamörk
  • 810 Hveragerði
  • 483-4000
Laugaskarð Swimming pool
Swimming Pools
  • Laugaskarð
  • 810 Hveragerði
  • 483-4113


Inni - Boutique apartments
  • Frumskógar 3
  • 810 Hveragerði
  • 6602050
Hveragerði Camping Ground
  • v/ Reykjamörk
  • 810 Hveragerði
  • 888-1717
Hverahlid Apartment
  • Hverahlíð 8
  • 810 Hveragerði
  • 853-1500
Varmahlid Apartment
  • Varmahlíð 6
  • 810 Hveragerði
  • 853-1500
Varmi Guesthouse
  • Varmahlíð 15
  • 810 Hveragerði
  • 8467778, 8617112


HVER Restaurant
  • Breiðamörk 1c
  • 810 Hveragerði
  • 483-4700
Bakery Almar
  • Sunnumörk 2-4
  • 810 Hveragerði
  • 483-1919
Fiskverslun Hveragerðis
  • Breiðumörk 2
  • 810 Hveragerði
  • 851-1415
Ísbúðin okkar - Ice Cream
  • Sunnumörk 2
  • 810 Hveragerði
  • 7773737
Hofland Eatery
  • Sunnumörk 2
  • 810 Hveragerði
  • 5377800
  • Hverhamar
  • 810 Hveragerði
  • 8459193
  • Breiðamörk 10
  • 810 Hveragerði
  • 4831105
  • Breiðamörk 3
  • 810 Hveragerði
  • 4833301
History and Culture
LÁ Art Museum

LÁ Art Museum (Listasafn Árnesinga) welcomes you. It runs ambitious and various shows of contemporary as well as modern art in its four spacious exhibitions rooms. The exhibitions reflect our cultural heritage and our contemporary change.

The bright seating area offers visitors the chance to relax in a peaceful setting whilst browsing through art related reading material supplied. The Museum also houses a small café and the children´s corner gives the museum´s younger visitors a chance to enjoy themselves.

The Museum is owned by the eight Municipalities in Árnesinga County and supported by the Museum Council of Iceland.

LÁ Art Museum on Facebook

For the Children
Reykjafoss in the Botanical Garden in Hveragerði

The Botanical garden in Hveragerði is in the center of the town. Since 1983 it has given people the chance to relax and enjoy nature amongst the trees and the wonderful river Varmá with the waterfall Reykjafoss right next to the garden. Further along the river a hiking trail goes past ruins of an old wool factory and ruins of a hydro-electric powerplant surrounded by colourful hot-spring areas.

Geothermal area in Hveragerdi

Right inside the town of Hveragerði is an area of hot springs from which the community derives its name (hver = hot spring). The hot springs of Hveragerði are among the most remarkable natural attractions og south Iceland. Visitors to the Geothermal Area can learn about geothermal energy and the springs, which include Eilífur, a geysir which erupts regulary, Ruslahver which has an interesting history. You can also boil an egg in the area and try the hot spring bread."

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Saturdays Closed 09:00- 17:00* 09:00-18:00 09:00-18:00 09:00-18:00 09:00-17:00
Sundays Closed Closed 10:00-16:00 10:00-16:00 10:00-16:00 Closed
*From 15th May
During winter we welcome groups upon request

Telephonenumber: +354 4835062


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