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The ocean survives without us

3. July - 29. August

Opening of the exhibition: “The Ocean survives without us” on the 3rd of July at 15:00. The Norwegian ambassador in Iceland will open the exhibition formally and everybody is welcome.

“The Ocean survives without us” is a collaborative project about the ocean between Iceland and Norway where we wish to dive into an unknown, unexplored underworld – we swim between sharks, plants, plankton, and unknown species, and now, in addition, also plastics, a new breed.

The book “Shark Drunk” by Morten Stroksnes has been a common reading for this exhibition.

Artists: Guðrún Gunnarsdóttir og Inger-Johanne Brautaset

GPS points

N63° 59' 49.078" W21° 11' 15.536"


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