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February 26 - May 13

Price description

The photographic work sheds a visual and graphic light on the decomposition process of a horse in Icelandic nature. Lament for a horse is according to Hlynur a visual elegy, a tribute to the Icelandic horse which has played a large part in shaping our history. Hlynur has for a long time been interested in exploring how our environment has shaped us, how close and connected we as humans are to nature and in what way it reflects our thoughts and emotions. In his work Hlynur is reflecting; on the human spirit and the natural, how different shades and nuances appear with the changing of the seasons, how different extremes of light and darkness, beauty and brutality, tenderness and toil shape us and our environment.
Curator is Ástríður Magnúsdóttir.


GPS points

N64° 15' 11.549" W15° 12' 42.211"


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