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The South Coast Lighthouse Trail area has diverse history and culture. Quality restaurants can be found in each village, each with its own experience. The museums are diverse and many, find out what is available below. 

Now abandoned, the former estate Herdísarvík, now abandoned, stood on the synonymous cove in Selvogur. The steep cliffs of Mt Herdísarvíkurfjall (329m) protrude behind it to the north, and several lava tongues on its slopes bear witness to prehistoric eruptions in the area and some of them reached the sea. Along the coastline are still a few apparent ruins of ancient fishing outfits, which were declared inviolate in 1973. According to the legend, a woman, Herdís, lived in Herdísarvík in the past, and her sister, Krýsa, in Krýsuvík. They did not see eye to eye and were constantly at each other’s throats. Both sisters practiced witchcraft and continuously played tricks on each other. The renowned poet and entrepreneur Einar Benediktsson spent the last years in his house in Herdísarvík. In 1935 he donated it to The University of Iceland, and union professors sometimes spend their holidays there. Herdísarvík is not far from the South Coast Lighthouse Trail, which connects Þorlákshöfn, Eyrarbakki, and Stokkseyri and, at the same time, tells the history and culture of the places as well as all the possibilities for experience in recreation and nature.  
Selvogur is the westernmost settlement of Árnessýsla. The countryside is relatively small, and the land resources there are scarce. Even though Selvogur had been a somewhat isolated settlement in earlier centuries and conditions along the coastline were challenging, many people lived there, and much exploration was practiced there during the winter. Most of the settlements in Selvogur have now been abandoned, but there are now three farms there. Ruins and meadows peek out of the ground and give an insight into the life of previous centuries, but now there is permanent residence on three farms. Significant places in Selvogur include Herdísarvík and Strandakirkja. Herdísarvík was previously a large farm in Selvogur but is now deserted. Herdísarvík stands by the vast and open cove of the same name. Above the town is Herdísarvíkurfjall (329 m). Herdísarvík was formerly a well-known fishing station with several sea camps, and there you can still see the ruins of many of them. Also, see rock gardens in the lava where the fish was dried. These monuments were all protected in 1973, and Herdísarvík was declared a nature reserve in 1988. The poet Einar Benediktsson (1864-1940) lived in Herdísarvík for the last years of his life. He donated the land to the University of Iceland in 1935.  Strandakirkja is a church by Engilvík on Suðurstrandavegur. The church was a church of the inhabitants of Selvogur, and a priest lived in Vogsós until it was closed down in 1907. Strandakirkja is nationally famous for its promises and rituals, and it is visited by thousands of visitors every year.  
Bakkastofa Culture Center
Icelandic Culture Center Bakkastofa welcomes guests with stories and music, where the history and culture of the nation is in focus. Short video introduction about us :)  
The Women's Book Lounge
The Women's Book Lounge, established in April of 2013, is an educational museum dedicated to Icelandic female writers. The lounge's objective is to preserve written works by Icelandic women; to introduce the authors and their works in Iceland and abroad, and to make the texts and information about the authors available to the public. Opening hours: Arranged upon request. Our facebook page
Rauða Húsið Restaurant
A great beginning or memorable end to your Golden Circle or South Coast trip, or a destination in itself. Some of the country’s best seafood, steaks, and lamb, decadent desserts, and local craft beers in a historic house in a charming seaside village.
Eyrarbakkakirkja - church
The church in Eyrarbakki was inaugurated in December of 1890. Before that, the people of Eyrarbakki attended services in the neighboring village of Stokkseyri, but as the population of Eyarbakki grew, reaching 702 in 1890, it was time for Eyrarbakki to have its own church. The church seats 230-240 people. The church of Eyrarbakki’s main proponent was the Reverend Jón Björnsson, and he was pastor of the church from its opening until 1892. The church was designed by Jóhann Fr. Jónssyni, the chief carpenter in Eyrarbakki from 1880 to 1890, but he died before the church’s completion. One of the main points of interest is the church’s alterpiece, on which is painted a picture of Jesus talking with the Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well (John 4, 13-14). “Whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him, he will never be thirsty.” The Reverend Jón Björnsson sailed to Denmark to obtain building materials for the church, and while there he was given an audience with King Christian IX and Queen Louise. They liked him so well, that the queen gave him the church altar, which she herself had painted. The altarpiece bears her name and the year 1891.  Other items of interest are the candlesticks from Kaldaðarneskirkja, the church in Kaldaðarnes, which was closed in 1902. The candlesticks, inscribed with the year 1780 and the letters E.S.S. Stjakarnir, are clearly Icelandic craftsmanship and all hand-made. The chandelier also comes from Kaldaðarneskirkja. In 1918, a bell was added in the tower, which rang twice an hour. It was a gift from the Danish merchant James A. Lefolii in memory of the many decades of the Lefolii family in Eyrarbakki. Extensive renovations to the church were carried out from 1977 to 1979. A new 11-pipe organ by Björgvin Tómasson was put into service on Christmas day, 1995.
Fjöruborðið restaurant
Fjöruborðið restaurant in the village of Stokkseyri is an enchanted place of delight. People have to tear themselves away from it – but that is all right. There is only positive magic inside, tickling both your stomach and your soul.

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Svarti Sauðurinn Unubakki 10 - 12 815 Þorlákshöfn 483-3320
Meitillinn Selvogsbraut 41 815 Þorlákshöfn 483-5950
Café Sól Selvogsbraut 41 815 Þorlákshöfn 8228998
Hafið Bláa Óseyri við ósa Ölfusár 816 Ölfus 483-1000
Gallerý Gimli Hafnargata 1 825 Stokkseyri 843-0398
The Hunting and Wildlife Museum Eyrarbraut 49 825 Stokkseyri 4831558
Icelandic Wonders Hafnargata 9 825 Stokkseyri 895-0020
The Ghost Centre Hafnargata 9 825 Stokkseyri 895-0020
Skálinn Fast Food Hásteinsvegur 2 825 Stokkseyri 483-1485